5th/6th day

Yesterday the sun came back and we were welcoming a new team member: Akif, the assistant director arrived at Östersunds Airport. We had some fun in the biggest ‚Lopis‘ (swedish rummage) of Sweden in Brunflo:
When we came back to Sjörista, we found the willow herb in front of the cabin all covered in their white ‚hairs‘


The next day we started to scout locations and story-board the first scenes…


2014-08-27 19.06.18

Back in the cottage we welcomed our next team member, Johnny Mauser, who will play the part of Johnny Mauser…


In the night there were some spectacular northern lights covering the sky.


After a while they went as fast as they had appeared and the sky turned blue again. 


Meanwhile in Cologne the rest of the team prepares the equipment for the travel to Sweden tomorrow night….



3rd/4th day

We’re still working on a solution to have faster Wifi in the woods (which is kind of strange..). Thats why we post a summary of the last two days: 

On Saturday we were having a very nice time in Evas Pensionat. The local people are very nice and we enjoyed the lovely evening with them. By the way, the woman who is dancing was 84 years old…

On Sunday we shot some rainy mood pictures. It’s still raining and until now we can’t imagine, that it will stop at any time


At the moment we’re sitting in Östersund. On the way to OSD we had to stop because of a traffic light in the middle of nowhere…


And there’s some more good news: We’ll join the moose hunting on the first of september and found a nice old rifle for the set decoration (pics will follow). 



meanwhile in Cologne the last bureaucratic preparations are scheduled….


Second day

Today we started building ‚myggor‘ (mosquitoes). Here’s a small one…


… and here’s a bigger one…


We were searching for some blueberries….


… and the right locations on the map…




In the evening we had some very fresh and tasty ‚Kantareller‘ (chanterelle) for dinner…

We’ll be back tomorrow! 

First day in paradise

Yesterday our adventure started: Jeannette (art director), Chris (D.o.P.) and Basti (author and director) traveled to Bakvattnet in Jämtland/Sweden.
And we got real good news: we will receive state film funding from Film-und Medienstiftung NRW.
Thanks to everyone that helped us so much in the preproduction.
We’re looking forward to shoot “Parasites in Paradise”!!!


the first meal in the cabin….


time with very slow internet started….


… and we found a car for one of the beginning scenes

Parasiter i Paradiset

Beginning from the 20th of August we’ll post making-of pictures, movies and reports for a movie called ‚Parasiter i Paradiset‘. A bunch of ten people will be arriving in Bakvattnet to shoot this 40 min shortfilm. A  production of KHM (Academy of Media Arts Cologne) in cooperation with payapix filmproduction, funded by Filmstiftung NRW supported by Filmpool Jämtland and various supporting companies. To see what the movie is about, click about. To see who participates in this project, click Cast & Crew.

If you like to know more about the project or like to support us in any way, don’t hesitate to write a mail to parasiten /at/ payapix.net