3rd/4th day

We’re still working on a solution to have faster Wifi in the woods (which is kind of strange..). Thats why we post a summary of the last two days: 

On Saturday we were having a very nice time in Evas Pensionat. The local people are very nice and we enjoyed the lovely evening with them. By the way, the woman who is dancing was 84 years old…

On Sunday we shot some rainy mood pictures. It’s still raining and until now we can’t imagine, that it will stop at any time


At the moment we’re sitting in Östersund. On the way to OSD we had to stop because of a traffic light in the middle of nowhere…


And there’s some more good news: We’ll join the moose hunting on the first of september and found a nice old rifle for the set decoration (pics will follow). 



meanwhile in Cologne the last bureaucratic preparations are scheduled….



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