It’s a wrap!!!

On 17th we shot the last picture of Parasiter i Paradiset! It was a great shooting with lovely people. We’ll be posting more pictures soon. Stay tuned…


All the best from Stockholm Airport


Shooting Day 3 & 4

On Shooting Day 3 Piotr Kaplan began to get more and more insane…



On Day 4 we hiked through ‚Stenfjället‘, which Rut (one of our local ‚good souls‘) once described as dramatic rocks…








We think she’s quite right with this! On the top we couldn’t hear anything more than a light breeze, so our sound engineer Armin used his spare time to get close-up sounds of a mosquito.


Because it’s so beautiful up there, we made a half-team-photography (missing: Anna, Anna, Jeannette, Claus who stayed at the base to prepare a lot of stuff).


The weather is quite sunny and warm, but our screenplay says we need rain. Looking forward for some clouds … or firemen.

By the way, since yesterday we have a singing swedish set cook.

All the best from Bakvattnet!

9/10/11/12th day

Finally the shooting with the crew started on September 2nd.


We shot some nice images directly at the cabin, followed the next day by a trip to impressing waterfalls in Önrün. In the evening of September 3rd Boris alias „Piotr Kaplan“ took three times in a row a cold bath in Bakvattnet lake.


We also welcomed to Anna (production assistance) and Jeannette (art director).


This morning we had a very good breakfast, followed by a 2 hours search for mosquitos. At least we found one….



We’re looking forward for the next days with a lot of shootings in the mountains around Bakvattnet.



7/8th Day

Boris alias ‚Piotr Kaplan‘ finally arrived at Östersund Airport in the evening of 29.08.14.

Back to the cabin, we had a welcome drink and were posing for lousy pictures with a rifle and us

Assistent director, actor, director

The next morning, after breakfast …


… Boris took a very very cold bath in the lake and found very very tasty mushrooms afterwards.


In the afternoon we began rehearsing and went to a nice location later on.


Director and DOP were very exited and preparing to shoot …


… the very first take with Piotr Kaplan.


Tonight, the rest of the crew is going to arrive and bring some coffee, beer and food. We’re very much looking forward for Armin (sound engineer), Gregor (1. camera assistant) and Claus (producer)…