7/8th Day

Boris alias ‚Piotr Kaplan‘ finally arrived at Östersund Airport in the evening of 29.08.14.

Back to the cabin, we had a welcome drink and were posing for lousy pictures with a rifle and us

Assistent director, actor, director

The next morning, after breakfast …


… Boris took a very very cold bath in the lake and found very very tasty mushrooms afterwards.


In the afternoon we began rehearsing and went to a nice location later on.


Director and DOP were very exited and preparing to shoot …


… the very first take with Piotr Kaplan.


Tonight, the rest of the crew is going to arrive and bring some coffee, beer and food. We’re very much looking forward for Armin (sound engineer), Gregor (1. camera assistant) and Claus (producer)…


Ein Kommentar zu “7/8th Day

  1. Hi you bunch of movie freaks,

    far from being lousy, these pictures evoke an idea of the Wild West come alive. Maybe you should build a kind of shootdown into your script after all to create some extra thrill?

    Have fun.

    An enthusiastic follower from good old Bavaro-Suabia

    Gefällt mir

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