Shooting Day 3 & 4

On Shooting Day 3 Piotr Kaplan began to get more and more insane…



On Day 4 we hiked through ‚Stenfjället‘, which Rut (one of our local ‚good souls‘) once described as dramatic rocks…








We think she’s quite right with this! On the top we couldn’t hear anything more than a light breeze, so our sound engineer Armin used his spare time to get close-up sounds of a mosquito.


Because it’s so beautiful up there, we made a half-team-photography (missing: Anna, Anna, Jeannette, Claus who stayed at the base to prepare a lot of stuff).


The weather is quite sunny and warm, but our screenplay says we need rain. Looking forward for some clouds … or firemen.

By the way, since yesterday we have a singing swedish set cook.

All the best from Bakvattnet!


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