Well, this is the last post concerning the shooting. As we wrote, we finished shooting on September the 17th. We had two hard days of cleaning up all the mess we left, and were heading for our flight back home to Cologne on September the 19th. Until now we had some time to think about the unforgettable time we spent in Bakvattnet.

At Inger & Kennets house we grew to be a family for almost one month. Thanks to everybody who helped us making this possible. Especially to you, lovely people from Bakvattnet and Jämtland! And thanks to Christian Wandinger and Patrick Klügel, who built the cabin, we’ve shot in. You haven’t build a cabin only, but you have created a little world with its own history. We’re very thankfull to be a part of it.

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According to legend, Jämtland once was a rocky, waste land and only giants could live there. At this time Asa-Thor pays them a visit, asking them to take better care of the land. The giants place him with heavy duties to get rid of him. He is to weak to fullfill them. But when he finishes his work, the giants wife tells him that he created all Jämtland as we know it today. The mighty lakes and rivers, the fertile soil and the magnificent mountains give beauty to Jämtland and give  strength and health, joy, courage and love of life to its visitors. We’re very lucky for the time we felt this energy!

Now we’re looking forward for post production. We’ll have a lot to do, but we’ll post some screenshots soon.


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